Are you new to the world of lobster rolls? These buttery and delicious sandwiches have become a well-known and crave-worthy meal in many coastal states around the United States. You may be wondering what is so special about a fish sandwich? The answer is the fresh butter flavor and the experience. You have to taste the lobster roll to understand the satisfaction.

What Is A Lobster Roll?

If you have never enjoyed a lobster roll, you may not know what to expect. Will it look like sushi? Or come wrapped in rice paper? While that is a good guess, a lobster roll is actually a sandwich. It is a toasted roll or bun that has been spread with butter. It is then filled with delectable cooked lobster meat that has been drizzled in butter and tossed in a mayonnaise sauce. They are served with your choice of side: Mac n cheese, coleslaw, fries, etc.

The Key To A Good Lobster Roll

The key to a delicious lobster roll is no secret. The recipe is a simple one, it is just a matter of using quality ingredients especially when it comes to the lobster. Any food served with lobster in it can either be delicious or disgusting depending on the freshness and quality of the lobster that you are provided.

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