For as long as I can remember, my parents have encouraged me to eat seafood. My mom always told me it sat in your stomach better and wasn’t as heavy as beef. My father on the other hand, well, he just wanted to fish for them. Something to do with his manhood and how he felt like a true hunter. All I knew were these two things: if it was fish, watch out for bones, and second, nearly all seafood actually tasted pretty good without ketchup. But these reasons couldn’t be the actual background of why I should like seafood, could they? Thankfully, my parents are much smarter than that. Turns out, seafood has multiple health benefits and is encouraged by a lot of health specialists. We are going to cover some of those benefits, and then we will stop making your mouth water and show you how to order our Maine-ly Sandwiches!

Seafood Makes Your Joints Dance

The jitterbug, to be exact. Honestly though, studies have shown that eating seafood consistently in your diet can ease symptoms of arthritis, give relief to sensitive joints, and has even shown improvement with individuals who have rheumatoid arthritis. Talk about an anti-aging benefit!

Natural Anti-Depressantherolighthouse

In a study by the US National Library of Medicine, it was shown that consuming (again, versus a pill) seafood with those omega-3’s has actually decreased the risk of depression. Perhaps an even cooler piece of information is for those who already have been diagnosed with depression, the omega-3’s have the potential to treat it. We suggest grabbing a lobster sandwich and going to eat it by the water to get the full euphoric experience.

Your Heart, Hearts Seafood

Get it?! Your heart…hearts, yeah, I have no excuses for that. This atrocious pun has truth to it, though! In addition to seafood’s low level in fats and high levels of protein, one of the best benefits for your heart lies in those omega-3’s. These omega’s significantly reduce cardiovascular risks from happening, for example strokes and heart attacks. And though you may be taking a supplement of omega’s, scientists have actually recommended the actual consumption of seafood. Should we just give you the menu now?

dreamstime_2616624Your Skin Never Felt So Fishy, I Mean Smooth

One of my favorite morning routines is to get up, go to the fridge and grab a lobster. Then, I dip him in butter, and go to town on moisturizing my face. Make sure the lobster isn’t alive though, claws are real and painful. In all seriousness though, seafood is a wonderful resource for moisturizing your skin. And much to my dismay, it actually works better to eat it than directly applying it. No need to fear the claws! It also helps block your skin from those harmful UV rays and even helps prevent acne. However, we are not promoting that you eat 12 of our lobster sandwiches and then lie in a tanning bed. Leather skin and cancer will never be in.

These are just a few of the many benefits to seafood, and we didn’t even get into our biased opinion! At Maine-ly Sandwiches, we proudly offer that authentic Maine Lobster Roll experience, with a more options peppered out to appease all potential customers. Ha, peppered out…food pun. Despite our dry humor and bad puns, we encourage you to come and taste a bit of Maine in the proud state of Texas. Don’t forget, we cater too! No bad puns included.