Looking to cater in a healthy lunch that everyone will love? With health-conscious ideas, diets, and workouts sweeping the nation, it is almost a requirement to follow the trend. Employers are stepping up and doing their part in the health of their employees by offering discounted gym memberships and financial incentives for working out a certain number of times in a month. With all of this hype about health, it is hard not to take that into consideration when catering in lunch for your team. Sure you could order pizza for a quick and easy solution, but you can bet that after your employees devour three slices of meat lovers each, and wash it all down with a diet coke, that they will be in food comma funk for the rest of the day.

Catering Sandwiches In Houston

Now you may be thinking that sandwiches can’t be that healthy for you either. This is a false misconception due to the types of sandwiches that a lot of delis offer these days. Sandwiches piled high with mayonnaise, cheese, and meats are high in fat and are not doing your figure any favors; but if you opt for a selection of subs such as turkey and cheddar, ham and swiss, veggie, and tuna salad, your employees will fill up on good, lean proteins served on whole grain bread. As for condiments opt for low-calorie sauces like mustard or hummus and pack your subs with veggies for an added bonus. For side options, skip the chips and mac and cheese and choose more health-conscious choices like salad and coleslaw.

Gain Health and Productivity

Providing employees with a healthy catered lunch option will keep them full and keep productivity levels high. You can find healthy options such as these right down the road at your local Houston sandwich shop, Maine-ly Sandwiches. At Maine-ly Sandwiches we offer catering to local businesses in the Houston area. Try our variety sandwiches platters and sides for lunch. Simply tell us the kind of sandwiches that you would like, the sides that you would like to accompany them, and what time you would like us to deliver. We take the hassle out of catering by offering healthy lunch options that can be delivered right to your Houston office.

If you would like to do something nice for your employees that will benefit both their work ethic and health, cater in a healthy lunch of sandwiches and salads from Maine-ly Sandwiches. Your employees will be appreciative of the kind and delicious gesture, and it also won’t hinder their performance by weighing them down with a food baby for the remainder of their shift. Let us make your next office lunch health friendly, and hassle free with delicious and affordable deli sandwiches delivered right to your place of work! Call us today to place an order, or order your sandwich catering online to be picked up or delivered by one of our Houston sandwich shops!