When you think of making a traditional sandwich, you usually head to your local Houston sandwich shop or to the fridge in search of the turkey, ham, tomato, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and mayonnaise: It is the all-American way to make a sandwich. However, as much credit as mayo has gotten in the past, it is time to move over for more creative and healthy sandwich spreads. It is time to switch up the sandwich playing field with unique spreads.


It may sound weird, but we promise it is tasty! Greek yogurt offers the same creamy texture as mayonnaise but will save you unwanted calories and fat. Try mixing the yogurt with your favorite spices or some siracha for added flavor. This combination will amp up the flavor of your sandwich in a healthy way!  


Salsa is a tangy way to spice up your sandwich; it gives you your tomato fix while also adding the element of a kick of extra flavor. Try a habanero mango salsa on your next roast beef sandwich creation, or a green chili mix on your turkey wrap. Salsa packs the flavor you crave for a fraction of the calories. Most salsa have 10 calories or less per serving!


This delicious spread is available in a variety of flavors and can be used for more than just a healthy dipping option; use it as a spread for your sandwiches or wraps. Buy your favorite flavor, or craft your own in your food processor. All you need are chickpeas, seasonings of your choice, a little bit of olive oil and lemon juice. Feel free to add anything else that you find appealing, such as green chiles, garlic, artichoke, and anything else that you fancy.


I know what you are thinking: An avocado is a topping not a spread. Wrong. It is actually both.

Simply mash up a ripe one and add a bit of salt and pepper- then spread this creamy superfood inside of your quesadilla, or on your sandwich when you eat at your favorite Houston sandwich shop. You can even combine your avocado spread with any of the above choices for a different flavor combination.

Honey Mustard

We aren’t talking about the store-bought version packed with secret and calorie-rich ingredients, instead make your own. It is simple: mix 1:1 parts of honey and just your average yellow mustard; then add salt and pepper to taste and enjoy! This option is delightful when paired with a smoked ham, or a juicy chicken or turkey breast. This is a great way to eliminate the craving for something rich in flavor, but not in calories.


It’s not just for pasta. If you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying this fresh Italian delight, then you are probably wondering why you haven’t thought of this before. Pesto makes an incredible spread when paired with lean meats like turkey or chicken, and it is also a great staple ingredient for vegetarian selections. Grab the fresh Italian bread and pile it high with tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto, and spinach for an antioxidant-rich meal.