You are probably wondering how in the world you can lose weight when eating turkey bacon guacamole sandwiches, or mozzarella meatball selections? Well losing weight while eating sandwiches will only work if you are eating the right kind of sandwiches, and you have to commit to skipping the chips and soda while you are at it. Let’s take a look at how to build the perfect sandwich to encourage weight loss.

The Bread

When it comes to weight loss or weight gain, carbs can be a huge contributor. When choosing your sandwich bread, try to stick to whole grains! Whole grain breads offer more nutrition and less calories. You can also opt to turn your sandwich into a wrap, put it in a sandwich roll, stuff it in a pita or lettuce wrap it. Choosing a healthier bread substitute will provide your body with added nutrition without compromising taste.

Picking A Protein

When choosing the filling for your sandwich, it is best to choose a lean protein. Try to steer clear of the high fat meats like roast beef, salami, pepperoni, and the calorie-packed grilled cheese. Opt for turkey, ham, tuna, veggie, chicken salad, or seafood, such as lobster or crab. These lean meats are packed with protein and will give you the energy that you need without unwanted calories and excess fat found in some lunch meats.

Load Up On Veggies

Fill up on the good stuff. When you are trying to pack your sandwich with a healthy punch, load up on veggies. Feel free to pile on the onions, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, peppers, pickles, and blended oils. Stacking your sandwich full of veggies will fill you up without any extra calories. If you like spicy foods, try adding some hot sauce or jalapenos. These additions are good for your immune system, and will actually help to increase the speed of your metabolism.

Lighten Up

Beware of cheese and sauce. One slice of cheese can pack anywhere from 80 to120 calories, so go easy on the cheese. Sauces can be another culprit for making a sandwich unhealthy. Cut back on the mayo, ranch, and other thick spreads. Opt for something light, such as olive oil, vinegar, or mustard. Both of these options are healthy and low in calories and fat. You can also try low-calorie dressings, hummus, mashed avocado, or greek yogurt as sandwich sauces.  

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