The famous whoopie pie is well known in Maine. This dessert has been perfected time and time again in a variety of flavors. This sweet treat is also known as Black Moon, Gob, BOB, or Big Fat Oreo. This delightful treat originated on the east coast; in fact this cookie sandwich is the official state treat if Maine, and has since then made it’s way across the states to places like sandwich shops in Houston, TX.

What Is A Whoopie Pie?

For those of you who are not familiar with the whoopie pie, it is two cookies or moon shaped pieces of cake that are stuck together with a sweet cream filling. The cookies or cake pieces are made in a variety of flavors. These treats can range from the size of the palm of your hand to the size of a dinner plate depending on where it is ordered, so it might be a good idea to share.  

These pies started as an Amish tradition, they acquired their name from the reaction of children. When a child would find one of these sweet treats in their lunch pail, they would yell “Whoopie” in excitement. The name just seemed to stick.

Want To Taste One?

You don’t have to live on the east coast to enjoy one of these delicious sweet treats. Simply head to your local sandwich shop, Maine-ly Sandwiches of Houston. They have Whoopie pies in 15 different varieties. If you don’t live in or near Houston, no need to fret, simply order Whoopie pies online individually or by the dozen to be shipped directly to your door!