1. Wedding Catering: Why Choose Sandwiches

    With the average wedding costing around $29K in the U.S., expenses across the board are higher than ever before. Mind you, this is not including the honeymoon. If we begin to look specifically at catering alone, you could be looking at around $60/guest. And don’t even get us started on the cake. With all of these numbers thrown around, wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming and financially d…Read More

  2. Party Catering Tips

    Holidays are coming up and party planning is in full swing. Whether you’re planning to have a company soirée, family get together, or the classic ugly sweater extravaganza, you’ll need to make the necessary preparations. Potentially the most important facet of a party is the food. So how do you ensure success? Let’s take a look at these catering dos and dont’s, so you can avoid the worst …Read More

  3. The Benefits of Seafood

     For as long as I can remember, my parents have encouraged me to eat seafood. My mom always told me it sat in your stomach better and wasn’t as heavy as beef. My father on the other hand, well, he just wanted to fish for them. Something to do with his manhood and how he felt like a true hunter. All I knew were these two things: if it was fish, watch out for bones, and second, nearly all seafood…Read More