1. The Best Way to Prepare Lobster Rolls

    There is some debate about what constitutes that “right” way to prepare an authentic New England lobster roll. Some people swear by tossing with mayo, while others are advocates for butter only. Some people even go so far as to say that the only right way to eat a lobster roll, is to opt for a roll and lobster only combo. The debate has raged for decades, and there is no end in sight. While we…Read More

  2. Why Lobster Rolls Are Better Than Hot Dogs

    Summer is just getting into full swing, and in Texas that means food. We know how much you love your summer cookouts, because we love them, too. We can’t think of anything that tops an evening spent around a table with good food and friends to share it with, especially if that food is comprised of the delicious assortment of lobster rolls, fried clams, or speciality deli sandwiches catered by Ma…Read More

  3. History of the Lobster Roll

    Our customers know just how delicious a Maine-ly Sandwiches lobster roll can be. Drizzled in butter, tossed in mayo, and served on the perfect bun, we can’t think of many dishes more delectable. But do you know the origins of the lobster roll? No? Well, don’t worry about that. Maine-ly Sandwiches is here with the lobster roll facts you never knew you wanted. So the next time you cater our lobs…Read More

  4. America’s Top 6 Sandwich Picks

    When it comes to sandwiches, you can choose to keep it as simple or as unique as you would like. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to sandwiches. With so many toppings, spreads, and meats to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide what should go between those two pieces of bread. With so many sandwich decisions to be made, can you guess which sandwiches are the top six favorit…Read More

  5. The Wealth Of Health

    Looking to cater in a healthy lunch that everyone will love? With health-conscious ideas, diets, and workouts sweeping the nation, it is almost a requirement to follow the trend. Employers are stepping up and doing their part in the health of their employees by offering discounted gym memberships and financial incentives for working out a certain number of times in a month. With all of this hype a…Read More

  6. 6 Alternative Spreads To Mayo

    When you think of making a traditional sandwich, you usually head to your local Houston sandwich shop or to the fridge in search of the turkey, ham, tomato, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and mayonnaise: It is the all-American way to make a sandwich. However, as much credit as mayo has gotten in the past, it is time to move over for more creative and healthy sandwich spreads. It is time to switch up th…Read More

  7. Reasons To Spice Up Your Meal

    If you are a spicy food lover, rejoice! There are many health benefits that are linked to enjoying a little extra spice with your meal. Try adding jalapenos to your sandwich at your local Houston sandwich shop, or add a splash of hot sauce to your mac and cheese. Spicy peppers have been proven to aid in weight loss, improve your sex life, and reduce the risk of cancer, so pile on those spicy peppe…Read More

  8. Can Sandwiches Help You Lose Weight?

    You are probably wondering how in the world you can lose weight when eating turkey bacon guacamole sandwiches, or mozzarella meatball selections? Well losing weight while eating sandwiches will only work if you are eating the right kind of sandwiches, and you have to commit to skipping the chips and soda while you are at it. Let's take a look at how to build the perfect sandwich to encourage weigh…Read More

  9. Cater Your Family Reunion

    Summer is upon us which means lots of outdoor gatherings. There is nothing quite like soaking up the summer sun with your family members. That is right, outdoor family reunions. Take a day this summer to get together with extended family and catch up on each other’s lives. Hit a local park and bring a frisbee and some croquet . Get everyone involved, bring a cooler of beers and sodas, and of cou…Read More

  10. Sandwich Catering: Make Your Grad Party A Breeze

    Graduation is upon us, which means graduation parties and get togethers! Everybody loves a good get together: good food, laughs, fun company. But sometimes when you are expecting a plethora of guests is is better to put your pots and pans away and enlist help. With so many things on your mind, including the pressure to plan the perfect party for your recent graduate food should be the last thing t…Read More